New York City Dog Activities: Dec 4 To 10

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Some people cannot visualize at all. The moment they are told to VISUALIZE the end result with as much detail and as vividly as possible, they give up. Most gurus cannot realize these people cannot visualize clearly or at all. Imagine what happens when they are told to make an image brighter or dimmer, to move a picture to a distant location or move it closer, or to super-impose one picture on top of the other. They are NON-visualizers and a different method must be used by them.

phychedelic counseling This is also false with hypnosis. You will remember everything from the session because you are awake during this. Hypnosis is not a deep sleep just a deep state of relaxation. When hypnotized you will relax enough to keep your conscious mind from interfering with what you are trying to do with the subconscious mind. But your conscious mind is still present enough to allow for you to remember.

Whenever we hear something enough times, our subconscious accepts it as truth and we act accordingly. The good news is these bad programs can be changed quite effectively with direct purposeful hypnosis.

Pets seem to have been put into our lives for one purpose and one purpose only: to love and be loved. There's plenty of well-documented research that being around animals reduces people's stress levels, lowers blood pressure and even helps us live longer. Animal psychedelic therapy has been used with at-risk teenagers, folks in nursing homes, AIDS patients, and heart attack victims. I got a call recently from a prospective patient who wanted to know if I had a "therapy dog," which was the first time I'd heard the term (and no, I don't, although I'm thinking about training Frankie). On a brochure for an expensive recovery center I got in the mail they list "equine therapy" as a treatment modality which really means, it makes people feel better to ride a horse.

The Linnea Memorial Walk and Adopt-A-Thon at Spring Canyon Community Park in Fort Collins, Colorado. Check-in at 8:00 a.m. The walk begins at 9:00 a.m. It is sponsored by Animal Rescue Connection. The event includes a 1 mile pet walk, Chihuahua races, adoptable animals, agility demonstrations, pet products, educational tents about pet care and training. Register online here, at $20 per person, or $25 on the day of the event. More details at this link.

An artistic accomplishment is . . . mixing [sounds], creating [sounds], writing notebooks [filled with verses]. That sort of thing. Achieving something with art in mind. We had artistic goals with this, but the personal accomplishment outweighs the artistic one, at least in my mind.

A public television broadcast tells of another cat that led her owners to a gas leak in the backyard. On that same program, a herd of cows saved a man's life from being gored to death by a bull in England.

Most all of my life, I have believed that visions and apparitions were for ancient saints, liars and religious nuts. That being one of the reasons I chose not to tell anyone of the vision for a very long time. I did not want my friends calling me a nut, mush less a religious nut. But it was far from over.

This is completely untrue with hypnosis. While you are in a alpha trance like state of mind, your subconscious will not allow you to do anything that is out of character for you. Also you can stop a hypnosis session anytime you want to with or without the help of the hypnotist. While hypnotized you are in a sense just extremely relaxed but you are still in full control of when you allow your alert state of mind to take back over and end the session.

One of my favorite stories about Job's famous optimism for his own creations was told by his sister, (famous writer Mona Simpson) about the first time she met him when they were both in their 20's. She told her new found brother that she was about to buy her first computer, and he told her it was a good thing that she had waited... as what HE and his team were about to reveal was going to change the world. And she said, even though she didn't know the first thing about computers, watching him speak... she began to believe him. There is no substitute for personal passion. And in business, you NEED not only to be outrageously optimistic about your work, you've got to be brave enough to communicate that to the community of customers that can make (or break) your business.

Wednesday, August 24th: Whitesnake at Jones Beach. Second chance to catch this killer lineup, this time much closer to NYC. Plenty of tickets are still available for one of the final Jones Beach rock shows of the season.


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